11" Natural Agate Slab Wall Clock

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Extra Quality Jumbo/Oversize Agate Slice. Hefty, substantial and worthy of a true statement piece. This size is rare and hard to find.

--Extra quality jumbo oversize multi-toned natural/earthtone agate slice with lace quartz accent and banding
--white modern style hour, minute and second hands
--OPTIONAL time markers, see last photo for options
--OPTIONAL to change clock hand color
--heavy duty hanger on back
--High torque, semi-quiet clock movement, battery powered
--double AA battery not included

Diameter: 11"
Weight: 2 lbs 6.2 oz
Thickness: 1/4"

Materials: agate,agate slice,natural agate slice,natural agate,black agate,earthtone agate,grey agate,extra quality agate,white,natural geode,quartz,black,FREE SHIPPING

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