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16" Natural Agate Decorative Slab

Beautiful Stud Earrings



Make this massive agate slab into a lazy susan!!!! See link for video of example of one of our larger slabs!!!


Gorgeous beauty EXCLUSIVE to M o d N o r t h + C o. Use as a statement piece serving tray for your coffee table and/or dining table. Or place on a stand for displaying vertically. Could also be hung with proper hardware. Photos will show every day objects to get a sense for scale.

--extra quality, massive agate slab in natural with sparkling white quartz with double espresso perimeter
--substantial and stunning, polished surface with felt on opposite side to protect your furniture/surfaces
--lazy susan disc included to be able to rotate agate on a surface, see photos 9 and 10

Length - 16"
Width - 16"
Thickness - 3/8"
Weight - 7 lbs

Materials: agate,agate slice,natural agate,earthtone agate,mocha,stone tray,geode,geode tray,quartz,white,gray,black agate,agate slab

Only 1 available

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